Collective Goal of Change

The adult toy and novelty business is ever-growing, this is indisputable. However, too often this is the only aspect of the adult market that is under constant dissection and scrutiny. Our belief is that it is incumbent for us to observe, report, and inspect all facets of this enormous industry. Our team's desire is to change the way you learn about and enjoy the adult market without bias or limitation. We will expel the established complacency, utilizing a driving force that is derived from years of passion and experience.

Comprehensive Content

Sexuality is not limited to just sex toys. We do not believe in limiting our criticism to a single aspect of the adult industry. Sex is an extensive experience that is unique to everyone. Ctrl + Alt + Adult will objectively review a broad range of adult products, venues, and entertainment.

Not only is the adult industry extensive, but ever-changing. Our dedicated authors will report on trade news, market breakthroughs and participate in interviews with some of the leading models, developers and companies that you love.

With the understanding that everyone enjoys the risqué differently, our open-minded passion will not be limited by our own interests. Articles will thoroughly explore all intrinsic dimensions of alternative lifestyles.