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Fetishes. Most people have one and many don’t even know it. Anything from a specific attraction to breasts to a certain lust for a uniformed offer. However, some fetishes are a little less known. Let’s look at some fetishes common and rare.

Fetish Definitions

Abasiophilia – Attraction for someone who is wearing a neck brace.

Apotemnophilia – A fetish for persons with amputations.

Aquaphilia – Arousal from water. This could involve having sex in water, or simply being aroused by the sound of moving water.

Arbophilia – A person who is attracted to trees, usually sexually. Also known as dendrophilia. 


Balloon Fetish – A fetish that involves intimacy with balloons. This may involve sitting on them, popping them, or rubbing up against them.

Claustrophilia – The opposite of claustrophobia, people who experience claustrophilia are aroused by the thought of being in a tight, confined space.

Dacryphilia – Attraction to making someone cry.

Emetophilia – A fetish that pertains to vomit, or vomiting. 

Exhibitionism – Sexual arousal from being seeing, or watched, by others during sexual activity.


Food Fetish – This is a gratification from eating, being fed, preparing food, viewing food or feeding a person. This fetish is quite extensive. This can involve excitement over seeing a well prepared dish or preparing it yourself. It may also mean entertainment from feeding a partner chocolate covered strawberries. Some more specific examples include utilizing food as sexual objects or pouring food over a person’s body.

Foot Fetish – Foot Fetishism is the most common fetish. This can pertain to feet, toes, socks, shoes, and even more extreme stomping activities.

Formicophilia – Fetish for having insects or bugs crawling on your skin.

Gerontophilia – Attraction towards the elderly.

Lactaphilia – Arousal from lactation. Watching a nipple lactate, or breastfeeding from a woman’s breast.

Masochism – The M in BDSM. A person with masochism experiences arousal from receiving or self-inflicting pain. This may also include humiliation.

Mechanophilia – The sexual attraction to machines. Some experience attraction to tractors or automobiles. Some see attraction in female oriented robots.

Necrophilia – Lust for the dead, for a corpse, for a cadaver. 

Odaxelagnia – Sexual arousal for being bitten or biting another.


Plushophilia – Attraction towards plush figures. Think of plush animals, or stuffed animals. 

Pyrophilia – Also known as a pyromaniac. Someone with pyrophilia enjoys starting, watching, and feeling warmth from fire.

Sadism – Gratification from others feeling pain. Usually enjoys being the one to cause the pain. May also come from humiliating someone. This is the S in BDSM.

Scatophilia – Sexual attraction towards feces.

Somnophilia – The sexual arousal of seeing someone sleeping. This is also known as sleeping beauty syndrome.

Urolagnia – The excitement one gets from seeing or thinking about urination.

Urophagia – The excitement one gets from consuming urine.

Vorarephilia – Is a fetish where on gets excitement from the thought of being consumed by someone or by consuming someone else. Also known as vore.


Voyeurism – Not to be confused with exhibitionism, this fetish involves watching others. May pertain to just seeing them secretly without their knowing or it may involve sitting in the room while others sexually interact.

Zoophilia – Sexual arousal from sexual acts involving animals.

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