Don’t Sweat It – Sweat Fetish

As you may know, we love Pornhub Insights. Statistics, fetishes, porn, what isn’t to love? Last week Pornhub released a collection of statistics based on on sweat fetish statistics. Let’s take a look!

   As you can see, all sweat searches peek in the month of June with a significant drop off in the colder month. 

   Vague sex searches and foot fetish searches lead in popularity. More specific searches follow. Notably 8 of the top 25 are feet related.

Men are 44% more like to search for sweat and the age demographic is pretty specific as well.

   Pornhub finished their article by saying: 
“Over 5000 videos on Pornhub include the tag words “sweat” or “sweaty”, and they’re viewed over 300,000 times each month. The most viewed sweaty video of all time is named “DIRTY YOGA TEACHER ON GORGEOUS FITNESS MODEL” which has more than 20 million views.”

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