Exclusive Interview: Dawn Willow

How long have you been an adult model?

I’ve been a webcam model for 5 years, soon to be 6.

What site(s) do you currently stream on?


What initially got you interested in being an adult broadcaster?

I first saw webcam models as pop up advertisements and it got me curious. I started doing it as soon as I turned 18 and have been ever since.

You’re very active on social media and seem very passionate about assisting new models. I’m sure many men and women see you as a role model. Did you have a role model when you were first starting out?

There wasn’t many other US based cam models on the sites I first used when I started out so it was more of a trial and error experience. But I did think fondly of pornstars like Liz Vicious and Proxi Page as the “style” icons who I envied for their attitudes towards the adult industry.

What is the single most important piece of advice you could give to a new model?

Trust yourself, stick to your guns and run the room how you want to.

We saw that you won the Adult Webcam Award for Social Media Cam Queen of 2017. Congratulations! You must travel a lot for your work and the many nominations you’ve earned. What have been some of your fondest memories from your adventures?

I travel about once a year now for XBIZ and AVN. I’ve attended a few different Exxxoticas as well, my first one was New Jersey. Meeting people that I’ve spent years talking to online, in person, is always really thrilling.

What have been some of the obstacles you may have had to overcome along the way to your success?

There’s just not enough hours in the day is the biggest hurdle in life.

Do you follow a specific routine to prepare for a show?

Winging it is usually works best.

Tell us what a new viewer may expect to see in an average show?

Sometimes babbling on forever, fangirling over this and that show, debates, and a bit of hardcore penetration in-between rants.

Have you done any shows that were an absolute favorite?

Anytime I learn that I can do something new with my body. Also making love to a jar of cheeseballs.

Have you had anything embarrassing happen while broadcasting?

Once a buttplug went ALL THE WAY IN.

What do you like to do when you’re not online?

Read or play video games.

Would you mind telling us a little bit about StudioProAM?

My videos can be purchased on StudioProAM on Manyvids, along with a few that I directed.

What do you have planned for the future? Are you looking to grow StudioProAM and your cam career, branch out further in the adult industry with new projects or are you looking beyond adult work?

2017 will be a big, big year. I can’t say too much yet but I will be reaching further into the adult industry and some exciting things will be created.

When may we find you online? Do you follow a schedule?

I’m online almost daily (usually twice a day) on Chaturbate.

Please, take an opportunity for a shout out. Is there anything you want our readers to know? Any requests to make?

@dawnwillow_ on Twitter, and dawnwillow.tumblr.com are my links to follow 🙂

Dawn can also be found here:
Chaturbate: https://chaturbate.com/dawnwillow/https://chaturbate.com/dawnwillow/
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/model/dawn-willow
Manyvids: https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/222329/Dawn-Willow/


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