Exclusive Interview: Misty Kitten

Okay, let’s start with an introduction. Tell us a little bit about yourself? What’s your screen name?

Hi, I’m Misty Kitten. I started camming 18 months ago and I have had a amazing time. I’m normally shy and camming has given me the opportunity to open up and meet people. I never knew there were so many great guys out there.

How would you describe yourself? Your personality?

I’m laid back and sweet. I’m old fashion too. I like to bake and spend time at home. I’d love to spend a whole day cuddling in someone’s arms. I always want to make sure people are cared for.

Just so everyone reading knows: What site(s) do you currently stream on?

I stream on MFC and Chaturbate.

What was it that made you interested in going on camera?

I act and sing outside of camming and wanted to get more comfortable around people. Since I can be shy.

What have been some of the obstacles during your cam career?

When I started camming I had very little. I didn’t even have hot water. My ex left me in a bad place and didn’t talk to me at the time. Due to my ex and family problems, my audience literally helped me rebuild my life. They got me a cam, laptop and have helped me feel more confident than I have before. I was shy and barely talked on cam, but now I jump on cam and chat away.

Can you tell us a little bit about all the hard work needed to be a cam model?

You need to setup a schedule as well as see what hours work best for you in the beginning. Then you have to plan your show and setup your room and clothes. A lot more goes into cam than people think. It’s like filming a movie. You need to have everything in place. A lot of love and time goes into getting ready to cam.

What have been some of your favorite moments?

My favorite moments are when the members make me feel confident and help me warm up. One of my favorites is the night I got top room on Chaturbate. I had left a private and I was about to get off cam. Tons of people came in out of nowhere. I was shocked. Tips and compliments came in too. My audience noticed I was ranked number 3 and told me to stay up. “Let’s get you to number 1” they said. My fans got me to number one and encouraged me at the same time. I’ve been bullied in the past at school so this almost made me cry. It was my favorite night and it was filled with so much love.

We saw you in Columbus at Exxxotica! You’ve been to other Exxxotica shows too, right?

I was at Columbus. I’ve been to all the Exxxoticas. I love to travel and meet people. The shows allow me to do that and interact with my fans.

What are some of your favorite memories from Exxxotica?

I love meeting my fans. My favorite memories are when I spent the day at the booth chatting with a fan for hours.

Do you plan on attending Exxxotica in the future? How about different conventions or shows?

I do plan on attending the next Exxxotica. It’s in a hotel in Colorado, which should be an amazing experience since Exxxotica is taking it over. I’ve been to AVN as well. It was a fun experience and it allowed the cam models to see different parts of the adult industry and see the each other as well.

Have you had anything embarrassing happen while broadcasting live?

Yes. I’m very klutzy. I’ve knocked the cam over right when I was going to cum.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love baking, music and the outdoors. I could spend hours baking and coming up with recipes. I sing as well and I try to incorporate this on cam.

You’ve said in the past that you are thankful and that your followers have changed your life. In what ways has being a cam model affected you?

I am surrounded by people who care about me. I’ve been bullied in the past and they changed my life and made me less shy, able to gain confidence and feel loved.

Is there anything you have planned for the future? Is there anything you want to do for a show but haven’t been able to yet?

I plan on baking as well as singing. I’d love to maybe go on tour doing burlesque shows in different states and have my fans come see.

What are some of your personal dreams? What do you see yourself doing in the next several years?

I’d love to be able to do the burlesque show and start my own company. I would also love to marry and have kids.

When may we find you online? Do you follow a schedule?

My chaturbate name is Misty_Kitten, which is the same as my MFC name.

My twitter is: Mistyblondebaby.

I’m on MFC Saturdays: 10am-4pm Est and Chaturbate: 9pm-12am Est.

Sundays I’m on Chaturbate as well at 10am-5pm Est and 9pm Est-12am Est

Please, take an opportunity for a shout out. Is there anything you want our readers to know? Any requests to make?

A big thanks to everyone. I can’t believe I have been able to meet so many awesome people. You guys have showed me so much love and I’m so grateful for that.


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