Interesting Sex Facts

   Sex is fascinating. It’s part of our everyday lives. It’s one of our instinctual needs, and for many, is often on our minds. However, despite the frequency of sex in our lives, there is still quite a bit about it that slips past the average person and becomes unknown. Let us go converse on some of the most interesting sex facts currently known.

1.) Women think about sex too, quite a bit actually.
   A study by Ohio University asked 283 students to track one of three essential needs and how often they thought about them over the course of a day. While the results showed men thought about sex 34 times a day and women 18 times a day, it also showed that men thought about all needs nearly twice as much as women. That still means that women think about sex hourly, assuming they get 8 hours of sleep.

2.) Both men and women can have back to back orgasms.
   For some it may seem mythical. Women may have back to back orgasms without pause, like firecrackers on a single fuse. However, some men can do so as well. When a man is able to orgasm 20 minutes or less after their last, it’s considered a low-refractory period and thusly a multiple orgasm.

3.) The most common fetish is the foot fetish.
   A study was done back in 2007 that not only showed that the most prevalent type of fetish was partialism(attraction to a specific body part), but that the body part focused on the most was the feet.

4.) The average age most Americans and Europeans lose their virginity is 17.
   The ages of 17 to 18 and half are the averages between all generations from Baby Boomers to Millenials.

5.) 62% of Europeans and Americans report an actor or actress as being the cause for their “sexual awakening“.
   A surprising 14% blame a special teacher and 4% blame a babysitter.

6.) Two-thirds of college students have had a “friends with benefits” relationship.
   A study conducted at Wayne State and Michigan State University asked 125 students if they would have sex with a friend. Two-thirds reported having had a FWB relationship.

7.) The average penis size while erect is 5.16 inches or 13.12 cm. 
   A study conducted around the world of 15,521 men showed that among erect size, the average flacid penis is 3.66 in, or 9.31 cm. 

8.) The average depth of a vagina is 3.77 inches.
   However, it can expand up to 200% percent and varies greatly from woman to woman. Keep in mind, a child is born from here.

9.) A small percentage of women can have nipple orgasms.
   From stimulation of the breast and nipple alone, some women report being able to reach orgasm.

10.) Ginseng is a proven aphrodisiac. 
   Multiple studies show that ginseng has arousing affects on both men and women.

11.) The term honeymoon comes from the use of fermented honey as an aphrodisiac after marriage.
   Couples used to drink the fermented honey everyday until the arrival of the first moon following marriage.

12.) Sperm health is related to overall health. 
   Being overweight can negatively impact the health of a man’s sperm. Losing weight and becoming healthy will improve sperm count and overall sperm motility.

13.) Sex can help you lose weight.
   The New England Journal of Medicine found that if a 154lb male spent an hour having sex, he could expect to burn 210 calories. This is the equivalent of walking 2.5miles in an hour. 

14.) Male ejaculate carries 100s of million of sperm.
Each milliliter of semen contains 20 to 300 million sperm. The average amount of ejaculate ranges between two to five milliliters.

15.) Largest breasts recorded were 70 inches chest over nipple.
   Annie Hawkins-Turner of the USA has a 48V size bust. Bras are not made to be in this size, and as a result she wears a size 52L. Guinness Book of World Records awarded Annie the world record in 2000 for the largest known breasts. 

16.) Individuals between 18 and 29 have sex 112 times a year.
   Persons 30-39 are having sex 86 times a year and 40-49 year olds are having sex 69 times a year. 

17.) Autoerotic asphyxiation kills over a hundred people in the USA.
   An estimated 160 people die a year from autoerotic asphyxiation a year in the USA alone. A previous estimate was much higher at 500-1000. However, more recent estimates put it at 160.

18.) Up to 44% of American men are uncircumsized. 
   Yup, 44% of American men are uncircumsized. 

19.) More orgasms will prolong your life.
   According to a British study, the more orgasms you have will assist in prolonging your life expectancy. 

20.) Lavender and pumpkins combined can cause erections.
   The smell of lavender and pumpkin pie combined produced erections in a scent related study. In second place for effectiveness, black licorice and doughnuts did relatively well.

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