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If you have read the Zolo 8 Ball review then you know that my girlfriend and I have attended the Exxxotica Adult Convention in Columbus, OH. The splendor and magnificence was sometimes clouded by the overwhelming amount of attention you may sometimes receive from sales and promotion personnel every couple feet. For some it may be an too much, to be hounded while trying to take in all the breasts adorned in pasties and junk wrapped in a banana hammock. However, we took advantage of the attention to gather as much information about new and popular products as we could. One item in particular was being presented and offered for testing at almost every exhibition that we came across; System Jo Lubricants. Jo is primarily a lubricant company with a few addition products like supplements, hygiene wipes and pheromones on the side.

The sheer amount of lubricants that they offer is impressive. I can only assure you that they have covered all their bases, including USDA organic. We came across a nice couple who were running a sales booth who brought over a tube of Jo Premium Jelly Maximum. The name is a mouth full, and it has made serious claims to it’s superiority. The lovely pair that introduced this tube of lube claimed that it was a silicone jelly that came out thick, but worked into a smooth and sensationally silky consistency that was fantastic for sex and worked exceptionally well for anal. My girlfriend and I both had a small dab placed on our finger’s and worked it for a moment. After a short while, the product became pleasantly soft and very slick. We immediately exchanged money for product and eagerly awaited our first opportunity to test it in the sheets.

The lube, with it’s jelly characteristic, is great for application to the genitalia. There is little concern for the product running away on you and making a get-away to the anus or bed sheets. Instead, it stays where you put it remains relatively complacent until it’s worked into the skin. Shortly there-after, the jelly turns into the previously described smooth glaze that allows long lasting lubrication. Not only that, but it’s perhaps the best lubrication we’ve ever used for intercourse and it made anal much easier and comfortable. On Jo’s website they lay claim to being the first manufacturer of a silicone jelly lubricant. Which, if true, they have definitely set the bar high for any followers. The product does not dry up or wear out. They also claim that it aids the body’s own natural fluids with lubrication. I would easily be led to believe that any additional fluid, bodily or not, adds to the lubrication. Proof presented itself after it took a couple passes of soap and water to actually get it removed from the skin. That being said, once it is removed, your skin feels smoother and more moisturized. This is another promised effect, and it is greatly appreciated. I do not personally like moisturizers or lotions due to the greasy and sticky feeling I get afterwards, but the Premium Jelly does not settle into a nasty mess. Instead, your hands, penis, labia, anus, face, etc. feel as if they were just polished and coated in slick wax. I guess this isn’t too far from the truth after all.

The product has no smell to it, no color and the tube itself is simple and attractive. The logo and brand name are in black with a silver background and the rest of the tube is labeled with ingredients, directions, warnings and company info over a clear container. It’s easy to squeeze the product out and the tube is durable with a clean presentation. The lubricant is silicone based, so this can not be used with silicone products or TPE toys. While the product isn’t flavored or marketed as a lube to be used during oral, it is claimed to be flavor neutral. My girlfriend and I did not test this out during sex, but I tested it out for the sake of this review. For the sake of the people. For the sake of you, the reader. My findings? It is, indeed flavorless. It’s an odd texture, but not unpleasant and I could see it being enjoyable. If anything, it would easily be a great moisturizer for dry lips.

This product is not cheap, it is one of Jo’s most expensive. However, a little bit does go a long way. We ranked Jo Premium Jelly Maximum at a 9.0. The price hurt it’s score and the tube is a little simple with no flare sparing it a unique look that may catch the attention of customers. If we didn’t have someone pushing the sale to us, we probably wouldn’t have even given it a look. This day and age, it’s not uncommon for companies to make sensational claims for a lubricant, and that’s why this simple tube of lube caught us by surprise. In addition, it would be fantastic if Jo could conjure up the wonderment of Jo Premium Jelly Maximum into a water based lubricant, but we may be dreaming. In the end, this product is highly recommended by us for anyone and everyone.


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