Doc Johnson’s Mood Powerball


Unless you are brand new to sex toys, you have probably heard of or at least seen a Doc Johnson product. Since 1976, they have been one of the largest adult product manufacturers in the world. The majority of their products are straight-forward. They have a large line of masturbators from the typical handheld to half of a female’s body. The same goes with dildos and vibrators with various sizes and styles. The one thing that is rather noticeable is how much Doc Johnson strives to create products that are life-like, or similar to anatomically accurate, and usually grotesquely huge. However, one evening I was in the mood for a discreet, alternative receptive toy that did not mimic genitalia. This is when I discovered Doc Johnson’s brand of toys called Mood. Mood seems to be their attempt at making more abstract products that offer portability and discretion with an artistic feel. I suppose the best way to describe Mood is that they wouldn’t be the most embarrassing adult product to be found by airport security.


I purchased for myself the Mood Powerball with the zig zag pattern. The packaging itself is discreet, black cardboard with a glossy finish and two photos on the front. One shows the product, without the tunnel openings being shown. This is great if you wish to be ignorant towards what you just purchased, but doesn’t allow you to gauge how tight the toy may be short of actually opening the box. The second image shows you what the inner texture is and actually has rises in the glossy finish so you may palpate the box and feel the design. The rest of the package speaks of the toy’s material, features and is adorned with bright colors. The packaging material is thick and durable. Nothing appeared easy to be tampered with and didn’t show any dents or bent corners. When you open the package, the product is in a plastic bag with a preservative powder packet alongside it. If you’ve read any other review I have written about TPE products, you’ll know that they are porous and should only be used once. However, that hasn’t stopped any companies, even Doc Johnson, from selling them as reusable.

The product itself is soft, squishy and the size of a softball or grapefruit. Each of the Powerball products are covered with diamond shaped ridges across the entire outside. The differences between each model is the inner texture and the color. Mine specifically was a red-orange color. Without an expectation of realism, the product is rather attractive and simple. It felt very nice in the hand and would easily double as a stress relief ball. The product did not have an odd smell to it, and no deformities were noted. The opening is a bit large with a finger being inserted easily and with little resistance.


The packaging advises that you use a water based lubricant with this product, which is always advisable with TPE. The internal ridges, which for me were in a criss-cross pattern, were ridged enough that there was plenty of stimulation. Initial insertion was pretty easy with the large opening. The one thing that I noticed immediately is that the material offers quite a bit of resistance to stretching which was surprising since it is very soft to the touch. Unfortunately, if you wish to grip it tighter to add more stimulation you may have some issues. It seemed as if the toy itself offered too much material between your hand and penis making it too difficulty to add additional pressure. So, what you’re left with is what you have initially. One solution I found to add more stimulation is to actually turn the toy left and right instead of the assumed stroking motion. As I was using this toy I became curious what it would feel like turned inside out and with the diamond ridges on the inside. Naturally, I had to find out and my curiosity was rewarded wonderfully. It was apparent that this was not a designed intention as the toy looked a little odd and misshapen, but it was very tight and the diamonds were fantastic.

In the end, the product did have little tears at the opening but I attribute this to my unorthodox method of improving it’s use through inversion. I was very pleased with this product and would definitely recommend it. I took a point away for the larger opening and half a point since it was a little louder than the typical (I also attribute this to a large opening on both ends). I think this is discreet enough and simple enough that it’d be a wonderful first masturbator and I think this product itself is a great piece of work by Doc Johnson.


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