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Salutations! For all our friends and subscribers you’ll have noticed quite a lapse in website upkeep and activity. I won’t bore you with the details but will keep it brief. The methods for content creation I had undertaken for the blog became highly strenuous and minimally productive. Simply, it was not as fun as I had hoped and in addition was less productive than I wanted. This led to a rapid burnout and inevitable negligence of duties.

What does this mean going forward? Well, we have been as involved in the adult community as we ever had. What I would like to change is the way that content is created. I will be posting more about what I think is entertaining for everyone as I come across it. In the past I sought out products to review. I plan to continue writing reviews, but only as I come across the products from my own interest. I may continue to interview cam models, but only as I meet them. I believe my largest mistake in the past was forcing topics to arise. This lead to some very disappointing situations that produced a bland and boring by-product. 

I would also enjoy involving the community and having a more involved blog that features your thoughts and opinions. I hope to create more discussion on our sub-reddit and feature your responses in our articles.

I’ve had a few side projects I have been working on as well, expect some self-promotion. In addition, I plan on honest reviews from our experiences navigating this crazy society we live in. This may involve giving kudos or shame where it is needed.

If you have any comments, criticism or questions, please feel free to drop us a line.




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