Our review system is fluid. We have guidelines that we follow, but the overall rating is loose. Every product and every user’s experience can vary. In the end, the product may score a 7, but leave the user feeling as though it doesn’t deserve that score. On the opposite side of the realm of possibility, a product may feel more deserving of a higher score than what may have been calculated. Each review will have a description of the product, a recounted tale of use, and in the end the author will explain their reasoning for their rating.
Following is a simplified outline:


  • Is it stimulating? 1.0 Points
  • Does it serve it’s purpose well? If it’s battery operated, do the batteries last long enough? 1.0 Points


  • Is the packaging appealing? 1.0 points
  • Is the packaging durable? 1.0 points


  • Is the product itself appealing? 1.0 points
  • Does it look unique? 0.5 points
  • Does it look clean and professionally made? 0.5 points


  • Is the product body safe? Automatic Failure if the product is unsafe
  • Is the product durable? 1.0 points
  • Is the color of the material appealing? 1.0 points


  • Is the packaging discreet? 1.0 points
  • Is the product discreet? Is it loud? This goes for male toys as well. 1.0 Points