Pornhub Election Statistics

On November 6th The United States had their mid-term elections. A very stressful time nationwide that decides the national political landscape the years followed. Unsurprisingly, yet interesting still, such a stressful time is reflected strongly in porn usage and activity. Pornhub Insights give us an inside look on Pornhub’s traffic during the mid-terms.

The early morning of election day saw a nationwide surge in porn use compared to the average day. At 0600 and 0700 there was an 18-20% rise in Pornhub traffic. Traffic continued to stay above normal until the mid-afternoon, before polls closed. As the results from elections started to file in, traffic started to revolve around average.

As you can see, traffic increased significantly by female users as well as men. Women spike at 0700 and trailed off steadily through the day while men had a more steady rise and continued throughout the day until mid-afternoon before seeing a decrease towards normal rates.

Users between the age of 18 and 34 were more active than older users by 0700 and peaked around 0900. Older users started to become significantly active by 0600 and held a steady rate until both groups fell off at the aforementioned mid-afternoon.

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Let us take a look at the porn traffic impact on locations. The US states of Indiana, Arkansas, Nebraska, Nevada and New York saw decreases in traffic from average. The states of Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia and Minnesota saw significant increases in traffic. The most interesting change in traffic was the District of Columbia, which, despite being the focus of the day, saw a huge 39% increase in traffic.

In the evening the majority of the increased traffic died off and the majority of the nation returned to average traffic rates. However, the District of Columbia continued to have increased traffic with very little decrease from the rate seen earlier in the day. 

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