Signs of Attraction

Picture yourself in a bar or a supermarket and you see someone cute. You’re instantly aware that you are attracted to them. However, you have no idea how to tell if they are attracted back. We’re here to help with that dilemma. These are some of the instinctual ways we display attraction and interest.

Being Close To You

He may be sitting on the edge of his seat or she may lean her shoulder against yours. They just want to be in your bubble.

Strong Eye Contact

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If they’re staring then they either like you or you have something in your teeth.


Our bodies way of indirectly showing interest by mimicking a physical condition of orgasm. Our ears, cheeks and neck turn red to outwardly give a potential partner a cue for interest. Be wary though, it may also be embarrassment. 

Physical Contact

A light touch on the arm or back is a very direct sign. A dominant person may also exhibit attraction by directing the other with a light hand on the lower back. This may also be exhibited by a lot of “accidental touches”.

Conversational Cues

If they are bringing up sexual or romantic topics then they are not only interested but trying to get you to think about taking it to the bedroom (or coat room?).

Square and Open Stance With Men

He’ll stand directly in front of a potential mate with legs spread and squared off as a sign of comfort and interest. 

Closed Legs For Women

Women tend to fold one leg over the other with both knees pointed towards their interesting other.

Hair Interaction

When a man smooths his hair or a woman flips hers back or tucks it behind her ear then they are attempting to get your attention and fix their appearance.

Smile or Open Lips With Men

The smile may be obvious but a grin or slightly open mouth with lips parted may be a sign of attraction…or asthma. 

Pouty Lips For Women

Female lips have indirectly and directly been used for attraction for centuries. I say directly because lip stick is used to make lips look flushed and engorged. However, indirectly women will lick their lips and make them pouty as an attempt to look like engorged labia. 

Straighten Clothes

If someone straightens their clothing it’s a sign they want to appear their best in front of you. It may be fixing a tie or smoothing a dress or jacket.

Looking Over The Shoulder By Women

You know that look she gives, the one over her shoulder. That’s no accident, it’s a wonderful sign that she may be into you.

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