Surprising Benefits of Sex

   Sex. You may enjoy it in many forms. A bit of self-loving, as a couple or in an orgy. Surely if it feels so good, something beneficial must be happening inside your body after a great orgasm? It’s true, it does more than just a moment of pleasure. Let’s explore some of the benefits.

Emotional Health and Stress Relief

   Starting at the head let’s explore what happens after a good session. At the point of climax the human brain floods with neurotransmitters creating a rush of euphoria. Following we feel a sense of calm. The bonding process of being with a partner, or partners, brings us together and feeling closer. 
   Male ejaculate itself may be the source of anti-depressive means. A study showed that women who had semen come into contact with their reproductive organs were approximately 50 percent less depressed than those who utilized a condom. Of course this isn’t reason to practice unsafe sex, but for those who do, they may expect a happier day-to-day mood.
   In addition, the overall neurotransmitter release brings us a sense of calm and lasting euphoria. A hormone called prolactin is released which assists in allowing us to feel relaxed and fall asleep easier. Thusly, allowing us to wake up feeling refreshed.

Heart Healthy

   A small study showed that men who have sex for 25 minutes tend to burn calories at a rate of 4 calories a minute and women burn 3 calories a minute. In addition, another study showed that men who partook in sex twice or more times a week showed a significant decrease in cardiovascular disease than those that merely had sex twice a month.

Immunity Booster

Going on that long distance flight soon? Perhaps a few hours spent in the sheets would allow your vacation to be illness free. Researchers at Wilkes University in PA found college students who had sex frequently were less likely to take sick days. 

Libido Booster

Increased rates of sexual activity tends to increase your libido. The thought behind this is that more sex leads to more experience, thus your sessions tend to become more intimate and steamy. It also increases female vaginal lubrication, blood flow and vaginal wall elasticity. 

Pain Relief

Orgasms are a known pain management method. First and foremost a climax can help ease the pain of menstrual cramps. The contraction of abdominal and pelvic muscles are thought to help relieve some of the pain from a woman’s period. 

In addition, if you suffer from headaches and migraines, orgasms have been known to release some of the associated pain. The release of oxytocin during an orgasm is thought to be the key factor in headache resolution.

Smooth Out Wrinkles

Another wonderful hormone released during climax is oestrogen. This hormone is known to plump up skin and can have a fantastic effect on wrinkles in the skin. 

Stronger Bones

The cause for female osteoporosis is a lack of the aforementioned oestrogen. So, as previously mentioned, a rush of oestrogen can slow or decrease the progression of osteoporosis. 

In men, an increase in testosterone can help prevent osteoporosis and keep your skeleton strong.

Prostate Health

A study of monks showed that they had a higher chance of prostate cancer. After considering why it was concluded that perhaps a lack of constant ejaculation may play a role. Scientists believe that men who orgasm multiple times a week are able to clear toxins and wastes from the prostate and allow it to stay healthier and prevent cancerous developments.

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