Tenga Egg – Classic


The Tenga Egg has quickly become a well known receptive masturbator. Originating in Japan, this product is discreet, easy to use and simple. Unfortunately, this may also be the reason for some of the product’s huge drawbacks.

When you first look at the product, it appears to be some sort of an Easter candy or treat. The product’s case is nearly identical to the plastic eggs you may have searched for as a kid with the only difference being that it has a slightly more rigid shell and a plastic outer wrapper. When the wrapper is removed, the product is left as a barren white case. The only writing at this point is a simple serial number on the more spherical end. Inside you’ll find the product with a plastic insert holding a small packet of water-based lube.

The product itself is white, with a soft TPE based material. It feels nice, it isn’t grimy, sticky or powdered. The product has no strong odor, nor does it’s packaging. The internal texture itself is dependent on which version you purchased. After careful consideration for the most pleasure, I had chosen the wavy texture: a simple repeating wave texture that replays multiple times from one end of the inside to the opening. The lube is water based and is seemingly a sufficient amount for one or two normal sessions.

The product is not a tight fitting product. When it is placed onto a penis, it resembles a shower cap that only covers the glans. The idea of the Tenga Egg is that once placed over the glans, and with enough lubrication, the product will stretch up and down the shaft with the head of the penis as an anchor point. As the product slides back and forth, the inner texture will provide stimulation and…well…you know the rest.

I decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately, in the beginning, the product felt more like cold, wet pasta. I decided to run it under warm water, but it lost the heat quickly and needed to be either re-heated or used right away. When I tried stimulation as intended, the internal textures felt as if they stretched and became less bold. In the end, the product felt as if I were masturbating with a very thick condom.

With that being said, clean up was exceptionally easy, as this product is disposable. Just pop it back in it’s case and throw it in the trash. In addition, this product can be discreetly stored prior to it’s use. If you rip the wrapper off and put it in a box, it’ll look like a misplaced Easter decoration. It’s not going to surprise and really lacks any “wow” factor, but I would recommend it as a starter toy due to it’s discreet features and simple nature.


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