Tenga Original Vacuum Cup

At first came the egg. The Tenga Egg of course. In case you missed it, we cracked the Tenga Egg and presented our findings to you several months ago. All egg jokes aside, the well-known Tenga product was not a favorite. However, you should never judge a company by a single product. We believe in redemption, second chances and that there must be more to the Tenga brand.

The Original Vacuum Cup is part of the cup series, Tenga’s flagship line of toys. The Original Vacuum Cup presents as a white plastic shell with a red plastic wrapping. The appearance is very clean, and the hard shell feels very sturdy and well made. The shape of the container is best described as bulbous, with an hour glass style narrowing in the center. The outer presentation has clean font that exhibits instructions and make the point that this toy comes pre-lubricated. The top end (see photo below) has a small sticker that says “vacuum controller compatible – remove”. Underneath this sticker is a small air hole opening to the product. The base of the toy is wrapped with the plastic covering, but once the wrapper is removed there is a white plastic cap that becomes visible. Remove this white cap and the receptive opening of the toy is presented. Once the opening is visible, the fact that it is pre-lubricated becomes wonderfully obvious as it is completely moist and ready for use. However, it was to my surprise that the toy utilizes small foam sponges to hold the lubricant. These sponges can come loose and move around during use and can get a little annoying at times but they do provide continuous lubrication. The lubricant is smooth, doesn’t smell and remains silky to touch throughout use. Thus, it provides a great sensation during movement.

Like most male products on the market today, the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup is made out of TPE. If you have yet to learn about TPE, please refer to our article here. The inner sleeve is attached to the shell and covers the entire base, providing the proper cushioning for use. The inner channel of the toy provides multiple textures and varying pressure at different points of depth. If you can picture the toy as being made of four segments then penetration starts with loose, soft, waves. If you go deeper, the second segment is tighter and the channel walls are covered in many small bumps, followed by a segment that is wider, but uses firm ribs. Finally, at the farthest depth, are two different sensations. There are soft fingers pointed inwards and a tongue-like bumpy protrusion. Together, these two mechanisms provide wonderfully different sensations to the head of the penis while the rest stimulate the shaft. The air hole that was revealed with the removal of the sticker can allow a vacuum seal once covered with a finger. In addition, there is one-way valve inside that allows air out with penetration as long as that air hole is sealed shut. This process creates a very tight feeling during use that increases stimulation immensely.

This product is made in such a way that using it is not only easy, but wonderfully unique. Since each section of the inner channel has it’s own sensation you may stimulate the glans uniquely at different depths. However, full penetration allows the organ to be stimulated completely and the vacuum seal will create a much tighter sensation with the full immersion. You see, when the vacuum is being made, the air that escapes enters the space between the textured channel and the hard plastic outer shell. This means that any displaced air is only going to press the toy harder against the penis and increase stimulation. Penetrate before covering the air-hole and everything will work smooth and expeditiously. Penetrate after covering the air-hole and more pressure will be applied in towards the shaft, increasing stimulation. Too much displaced air pushes the base of the toy outward, and increases the chances of damage. This is exactly what happened to my Vacuum Cup as a small hole was made. This did not ruin the product, but there was no longer any increase in air pressing against the shaft. Fortunately, the vacuum seal was maintained thanks to the aforementioned handy one-way valve.

The tear at the base of the toy made it very loud, but, even prior to the damage the toy was quite noisy. The vacuum effect isn’t subtle and makes an overly eager sucking noise with each pass and push. While in-use the product lacks discretion, but when stored the toy is a little more subtle. I would not exactly be keen on leaving this product laying out in the open, but it does not anatomically resemble anything that would make a family member blush.

The most significantly unique feature of this toy is the outstanding amount of stimulation that I felt while using it. I have yet to use a male product that offered as much pleasure as this product did. The lubricant sponges were awkward and the damage that it sustained during use impeded it’s full potential. All of that being said, I find it hard to take too much away from the end score. In comparison to some of the more basic products I have tried and reviewed, the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup has surpassed in presentation and stimulation. I am rating the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup at 9.0. This product goes to show that you should never judge a book by it’s cover. Make sure to keep an eye open for a Tenga Vacuum Cup the next time you are in the market for an adult product. If you have used one yourself, make sure to comment below with your thoughts and experiences.


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