Zolo Pocket Pool 8 Ball


While at the Exxxotica convention in Columbus this past summer, my girlfriend and I were browsing across the numerous and colorful displays of adult products. From three foot long dildos to fetish wear, lace vibrating panties to fox tail butt plugs. One product, however, grabbed my attention. It wasn’t due to grandeur, it was spherical, black and simple. This is why is stuck out from the rest. It seemed so elegant and graceful without a need to boast. Well, I have been wrong before and I was wrong this time. The Zolo Pocket Pool 8 Ball is not a product worthy of bragging.

Make sure to read my review of the Tenga Egg first, this is merely a recreation of that product. Perhaps I’m wrong and the Tenga Egg is the recreation. I am not here to find out which came first, the 8 ball or the egg. It is apparent that Tenga had the better marketing and won, so we will assume that they are the original. Either way, the 8 Ball seems like a substandard attempt to recreate the Tenga Egg with slight alterations. It is as if they utilized the same manufacturer and changed the designs slightly without as much regard to quality. With cheaper packaging, employing a new container and wrapper. Either way, for everything the Tenga Egg may have, the 8 ball has not.

Presenting similarly, there is a black plastic wrapper covering a hard plastic spherical shell. The shell itself seems less stable. Inside you’ll find a novelty in the same shape as a Tenga Egg with the same filler holding a lube marked slightly different. The actual toy itself offers different textures than the Tenga counterpart, but they are not better. They have opted for textures more complicated and this only results in less stimulation. There is not enough space between the ridges. In addition, the TPE material is poorly prepared for the customer, with small tears and rips near the opening from when the product was removed from the mold.

It is still quiet during use and it doesn’t smell. The lube is sufficient and lasts long enough to understand that the product is not enjoyable. The product did not break, rip, tear or split during use. I just could not find any positives for this product above the competition. With as little stimulation that the Tenga Egg offered, the Zolo 8 Ball offers less. Honestly, I could have gotten off with a plastic bag easier. That being said, it still had a nice appearance on the outside. In addition, it still offers discretion and ease with cleaning. It’s for these reasons that it doesn’t completely bottom out the rating scale. I feel generous giving it a 5.0, but that is where I come to rest.


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